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Contact us anytime at 0403 673 837 (040 FOREVER) to schedule expert residential service or for your residential emergency or repairs.

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We come prepared to replace, upgrade and install new outlets, interior lights, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, and upgrade distribution boards. We are a full-service residential electrical contracting company providing our customers with outstanding electrical service.

ask us anything

Contact us anytime at 0403 673 837 (040 FOREVER) to schedule expert residential service or for your residential emergency or repairs.

We can help you with

Electrical System Inspections and CCEW Compliance Certificates

Has your insurer requested a certificate of compliance for electrical work (CCEW)? A CCEW is recognised by NSW Fair Trading and certifies that the wiring installation in your home or business has been completed to standard.
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Wiring to sheds and other structures

We know how important it is to have a light over your work in the home office, to keep the man-cave beers cold, power the sewing machines, or have the big screen on for game night - and to not have the trip hazard of a power cable running from the house. We can run underground or above-ground cables and get power to any outdoor structure. 
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Dedicated Appliance Circuits

Does your circuit breaker blow when you switch on your oven or hair dryer? Do you have enough dedicated circuits for your electrical needs? Do you even know how many electrical circuits are in your house? If you don't have the appropriate dedicated circuit, an appliance may draw more current than the circuit can handle. Let us help you sort out your circuits safely.
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Electrical Safety Switches, RCDs & RCBO

Protect your family and your employees by ensuring you have adequate Residual Current Device (RCD) Safety Switches installed in your home or workplace. Any residential property should have at least one safety switch on the switchboard installed by a qualified electrician.
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Smoke Detectors

Every home should have smoke alarms installed. We can help you find one that fits your needs. We'll also check your existing system to make sure it works properly. Then we'll change any batteries or connect new wires if needed. You can count on our team to keep your family safe.
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Electric Water Heaters

Who to call for a hot water system repair and installation? You might wonder if you need to hire a plumb­er or an electrician to repair the hot water system. The answer to this is most often that both sets of expertise are required. If you're having trouble deciding whether to hire a plumb­er or an electrici­an, here are some common situations where each type of trade might come in handy.
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Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are the best way to remove odour and steam from your bathroom, toilet, kitchen or laundry. Installing exhaust fans can also reduce mould and mildew in moist areas. Exhaust fans can be installed to move air through walls, into the ceiling space or through ducting into eaves depending on the situation.
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Security, Sensor & Outdoor Lighting

Is your yard poorly lit during the night? Do you wish that you had better outdoor lighting for the safety of your family, or maybe so you could utilize your outdoor areas for evening get-togethers with family and friends? We can help bring ambience to your outdoor lighting.
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Lighting Design and Maintenance

We want to help maximise the light in your house, cut down your energy bills, and make your home beautiful. If you're thinking about installing lights in your house or designing a whole new space, give us a shout! We'll get together with you to discuss what works best for your needs and budget. Our expert team members will go through the options with you and help you make the best decisions. Call us and start making your plans a reality!
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Telephone and Data Lines

Do you require additional telephone cabling phone outlets in your home or a new phone line installed in your home or office? Looking to extend your LAN into a new office or install phone lines in a renovated room at home? If you're connecting telephones, ADSL or VDSL (NBN) modems, fax machines, alarms, gaming consoles, network computers, or smart appliances, your home or business may need upgraded data cabling or additional phone sockets with our data cabling services. If you're not sure what you need, give us a call we're happy to chat.
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Dedicated Computer Circuits

How many computers, tablets, printers, POS and other precious pieces of technology do you have plugged in around your home and business? Probably a lot. Do those computers run on the same electrical lines as everything else? If the answer is yes, it's time to consider better protecting your data and daily operations with dedicated computer circuits. Our qualified electricians can sort you out.
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Switchboard and Fuse Box Upgrades

A main service switchboard distributes electricity from one source to several outlets. Each outlet has its own separate breaker so that if something goes wrong with any one outlet, the rest of them won't be affected. As your electrical requirements change and your service panels run out of the room and capacity to meet your demands, it will become necessary for you to upgrade your service panels to meet code and safety requirements.
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Power Points, Socket Outlets & Circuits

There's a lot to consider when adding a new power point or socket outlet to your home, or if you're updating an existing outlet. You must consider dedicated circuits, amperage requirements, load balancing, overload prevention or using weather-proof outlets. We can help you make all the correct and safe decisions for what you want to achieve in your space.
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24/7 Circuit Breaker and Fuse Repair and installation

While you might have your own idea of how to use fuses and circuit breakers around the property, it's important that you leave this task up to a qualified electrician. Incorrect installation of protection devices can result in damaged cabling, fire and electrocution.
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Ceiling Fan Installation and Repairs

We can help you install a brand new ceiling fan that fits your room size, style, and budget.
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