Power Points, Socket Outlets & Circuits

There's a lot to consider when adding a new power point or socket outlet to your home, or if you're updating an existing outlet. You must consider dedicated circuits, amperage requirements, load balancing, overload prevention or using weather-proof outlets. We can help you make all the correct and safe decisions for what you want to achieve in your space.

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Installation of new power points, socket outlets and circuits

While an electrical power point may seem like a basic device, it must be installed by a licensed electrician. A lot of DIY’ers can make electrical fittings “work”, but the most important thing is that the circuit protection devices operate correctly in the event of a fault.

How do you know if you need to replace an existing power point or circuit?

A circuit overload occurs when too many devices are connected to one electrical circuit and the circuit automatically switches off to prevent fire hazards. Without this safety precaution in place, the wires/sockets would overheat and either melt or cause a fire.

The power surge from overloaded electrical circuits can damage electrical appliances, cause power outages, or even start a fire. To prevent these problems, call us today to inspect your wiring and circuits for you.

Replacing circuits or rewiring is not often required and is a lengthy process. Sometimes, however, the cable is too old and brittle to operate correctly and safely and needs to be replaced.

Signs of faulty power points and wiring:

  • A burning smell near a power point
  • The plug falls out easily
  • Melting power point parts
  • Switch mechanism is spongy or hard to push
  • A crackling or buzzing noise
  • Power circuit tripping

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